Traditional Punjabi Kurta Pajama – A Rage Among Young Men

Traditional Punjabi Kurta Pajama – A Rage Among Young Men

Punjabis are known for their unique style and magnetic personality. Men in Punjab are as particular about their look and attire as the women of this beautiful land. Kurta pajama is the go-to attire for the Punjabi men. The traditional Punjabi kurta pajama complements their robust physique just right. It has been a part of the fashion in Punjab since forever and remains irreplaceable.

Punjabi Kurta Pajama – Popular Across Generations


The young Punjabi men are always on the lookout to do something new. They are innovators and creators and have tried hands at almost every business. They make their own rules and don’t go by the set norms. However, if there is one thing that has remained intact over generations, it has been the Muktsari kurta pajama. It creates a distinctive style statement. This is the reason why it is popular even in the era of designer jeans, jackets and sweatshirts.

Unique Blend of Comfort and Style

Kurta pajama is popular Indian attire and is worn by men across India. The cuts and designs of this traditional attire, however, differ from region to region. While each of these is designed well none of them matches the elegance of the Muktsari kurta pajama. This traditional Punjabi kurta pajama is known for its straight cut that fits well and creates a flawless look. It includes a knee-length kurta which makes it a comfortable wear. It is actually a perfect amalgamation of comfort and style.

This is the reason why this traditional Punjabi ensemble has gradually gained popularity among people belonging to other regions as well. It is especially popular among young men. Young politicians are often seen wearing Muktsari kurta pajama during rallies and meetings. This traditional attire does not only render elegance but also exudes the essence of the Indian culture and connects them better with the general public.

Style it; Accessorize it – Keep it Stylish!


Muktsari kurta pajamas are available in numerous designs and colors and can be adorned on different occasions. They look as good on a casual outing as they do at a formal event. However, one must know which design and color to pick and how to accessorize it so that it looks apt as per the chosen occasion.

The look of this traditional style kurta pajama enhances manifolds when teamed with a pair of Punjabi jutti. To render a more formal look, it can be coupled with a Nehru jacket. It is a killer combination if the colors are coordinated well. A light bracelet adorned with this ensemble can complete the look for a formal event.

For a semi-formal look, Muktsari kurta with light neck embroidery is a good choice. This can be worn without the jacket and yet render a dapper look. This look is perfect for the festive season.

Plain light colored Muktsari kurta pajamas teamed with a pair of loafers can be worn for a casual day outing while dark colored ones look good for casual evening events. Spiked hair and leather strap watch can add to the overall look.

All in all, the traditional Punjabi kurta pajama has always been in vogue and is here to stay!

Here’s a little secret! Girls just adore men dressed in these traditional kurta pajamas! Need more reasons to add a few of these to your wardrobe?
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Is something missing in your wall ?

Are you tired of looking at the same plain, boring walls and want to add something to enhance its appearance? Wall art can be one simple, but a unique solution to this problem. Wall art is a blend of beautiful artworks and vibrant colors. These artworks can be of any form like painting such as oil painting, abstract painting, digital painting or it can be some texts penned on the sheet. It is available in different types of materials like printed clothes, wood, metals and canvas paper. These beautiful designs are perfect to give an elegant touch to your walls.


We have so many options in these wall arts that one can easily get confused while purchasing them. You can choose a picture of a attractive Bridal Face wall art, which has a blend of marron, white and red mixture in it. It is suitable for a mute color wall. Gorgeous Hearts Fly High artwork can also be an ideal choice for such walls. For a wall already painted with vibrant colors, you can try black and white artworks of Lord Shiva, Sikh Men Face. It will balance the colors and exquisitely fill its vacant spaces. There is another option of textual wall arts. A textual form of wall art consists of beautiful quotes, and slogans on them like I don't have Dreams I have Goals framed wall art which is an expressive way of decorating your walls as well as relaxes the inner you. Apart from these, there are 3 D cartoon arts like Baby Spiderman best for your kid’s room. 3D artwork crafted from metals is also a popular choice among the masses.     


Since earlier times decorating home with such art pieces were quite popular, though in those days not much people can afford them because it was much expensive. With the changing time, prices of these artworks have fallen significantly. Now even a common man can easily purchase these decorative pieces. No doubt, online shopping of wall art is much more trouble-free than the offline mode. When you are trying to buy wall décor online, you come across a large collection of these artworks that leave you puzzled. It would be better if you examine your wall paint and the amount of vacant space you want to fill. You have to select accordingly the color combination and size of the wall art. If you are inspired by India’s traditional artwork and want to buy wall arts that closely resembles Indian ethnicity, then online stores also offer such wall arts.


Buying wall décor online in India be it modern wall décor or a traditional wall décor is commonly opted by the buyers. Quality work at affordable prices is something buyers are entitled to while online shopping of wall art in India. Moreover, the discounts and deals offered on online shopping also lure customer toward itself. So, keep experimenting with the different style of artwork and make your wall more alive. Some glamorous artworks on the walls can change the entire atmosphere of the house and make it appear as a celebrity home. These wall arts are fabulous for gifting your loved ones. Buy wall décor online in India and gift your special friend without thinking twice.  

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Spruce Up Your Attire Collection with Stylish Punjabi Kurtis!

Fashion In Punjab will help you to zing up your wardrobe with our fashionable designs and top brands. Kurti is somewhat which never goes out of fashion. So, it is tough to find a fashion aware woman who does not have kurtis in her wardrobe collection. Kurti has spread its appeal around the world and gained popularity at a very fast pace. Today's market is overfull with different kinds of ladies kurtis, from short, simple, and printed style to fashionable, party wears. This outfit can be worn during any type of weather. Fabrics like silk keeps you warm during winter and make you feel light and comfortable during summer.

Fashion In Punjab is happy to present you a fashionable and comprehensive collection of kurtis for women to pick from and what makes our collection truthfully unique and good-looking is our wide range of designs and patterns.


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Muktsari Style Kurta Punjama Real Fashion of Punjab

India is not only diverse in culture but with attires too. From North to South and East to West, every demographic has a unique traditional apparel, which is largely influenced by the climatic conditions. One such attire is the Punjabi style Kurta Pajama. As the name suggests, this attire originated and is very popular in Punjab region of India. It is a typical north Indian Dress that is adorned by men as well as women.

Muktsari style Kurta Pajama by Fashion In Punjab

The words Kurta and Pajama originated from Urdu and Hindi languages. During the British colonialization, these words spread to the rest parts of India. The Punjabi style Kurta Pajama consists of Kurta and Pajama. The Kurta is an upper garment while the Pajama is the lower one. Kurta is similar to a loose long shirt and Pajama are similar to a lightweight drawstring trouser. Basically, the Punjabi style refer to Muktsari Kurta Pajama. They are usually long kurta that generally drapes longer than knees. Additionally, the Punjabi style kurta and Pajama can also consist a small short jacket. Though you can wear this with almost any footwears but the traditional joothi suits the best. Besides, you can also try sandals, slippers or any flat sole footwears.

Muktsari Style Kurta Pajama y Fashion In Punjab

Unlike other traditional apparels, Muktsari Kurta Pajama has always been popular between fashion conscious men as well as old people. The present generation boys are very fond wearing it on special occasions and festivals. While, the old people in Punjab wear it on a regular basis. You will often find Indian guys posting selfies on social media with this suit.

Muktsari Kurta Pajama By Fashion In Punjab

This attire not only looks good but is equally comfortable. It is made up of cotton or soft fabrics and is ideal for daily usage. Even many people prefer it as a sleepwear. Though Muktsari Kurta Pajama generally comes in a plain single colour but the one designed for special occasions may contain embroidery. It is traditionally a loose fit attire but fashion crazy guys wear it in tight fit size. Perhaps, it is because they want to showcase their flexy muscles and athletic gymnastic body. Be it in any way, it enhances their appearance.

Muktsari Kurta Pajama by Fashion In Punjab

Muktsari Kurta Pajama gives a rich and semi-formal look. It has now integrated into the style statement for boys who want to stick with traditions and at the same time, they wish to be stylish as well. Even fashion designers have a craze for this attire, which is why they often come up with the latest collection of Punjabi style Kurta Pajama.

You can visit : Traditional Punjabi Muktsari Kurta Pajama Custom Stitched for Men

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Celebrate the Fiesta of Love with Fashion In Punjab

The season of love is here and one could sense its essence in the air. Love is an extreme feeling that combines two hearts together for a lifetime. Though it happens in every relationship, the love between a couple has a number of different flavors that make it worthy of some special celebration. No matter whether you are single, committed, newly married or been together for years, Fashion In Punjab helps you celebrate the day and re-form the magic of all the good times spend together.

On this day, every couple wants to express their love, while singles get a chance to say the unspoken. As no festival or occasion is complete without the sharing of gifts, the same goes to the festival of love. No matter how much you express your love with words or actions, a simple gift can say a lot more. So, let the madness of love blossom all around as it's the Valentine day, and make it superior by showing your absolute and permanent love with an exclusive Valentine’s Day gift. The most doubtful task here is selecting that perfect Valentine gift that is as superior as your relationship.

Fashion In Punjab understands your feelings and moods, and to help you say anything you want, we have come out with the widest range of unique Valentine gifts and greetings online. You can visit:

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Opportunity to win a designer coffee mugs from Fashion In Punjab

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Fashion In Punjab is an ideal choice

Your one stop purpose for selecting from a wide selection of latest Phulkari suits is You will find an inspiring collection of fashionable suits, which will surely leave you spoilt for high-quality. The online store offers practical shipping options that outfit your basics. Here, you will discover fabrics and designer quantities at reasonable rates that match with your money. Select from various color ranges and materials. The service offers the viable facility of cash on delivery along with modified tailoring.

Phulkari | Fashoin In Punjab

You can see in the below mentioned picture that it is the simple Punjabi Phulkari Suits With Phulkari Dupatta Designs 2016 With Worth which is made in pure Punjabi style and the most important thing of this suit is its Dupatta which is in phulkari style. The Phulkari Dupatta is made from the beautiful georgette fabric. The Phulkari Dupatta also adorned with beautiful and exclusive works. You can also use this type of Dupatta with some other colors suits.

  1. Punjabi Suit With Cream Color Phulkari Dupatta

Unstitched Glace Cotton Phulkari design embroider salwar suit, Pure Chiffon Dupatta for women. Phulkari is the florid pattern silk embroidery that is exclusive in its superb floral appeal Phulkari or “flower work” is embroidery.

  1. Punjabi Suit With Yellow Color Phulkari Dupatta

Phulkari has evenly distributed themes and attractive panel borders embroidered on the fabric. The border would be a part of the main theme, while in Phulkari it would be different.

  1. The embroidery is generally done on a heavy, plain cotton fabric called Khaddar. The patterns are never drawn beforehand and the threads have to be calculated to get the design exactly.
  2. The densely packed floral design and other themes of daily life hand embroidered by the womenfolk who involve in it, sometimes takes up to a year to complete.
  3. Punjabi Suit With Green Color Phulkari Dupatta:

This is also a beautiful work in the collection of 2016 in phulkari designed dupatta of Indian Punjabi suit. The suit is in green and blue color and the Dupatta of the suit is in Phulkari style and is in green color.

  1. Light Green Color Embroidery Phulkari Dupatta:

This is the best product which lies in the list of the latest Punjabi Suits With Phulkari Dupatta Designs 2016 With Price. The Dupatta is designed by the designer hands. It is a handmade Phulkari Dupatta and has floral print work on it. This Dupatta is suitable for all kinds of Punjabi suits.

  1. Pure Chinon Handmade Phulkari Dupatta:

This is also a handmade Phulkari Dupatta produce. This Dupatta is made in bright red color with blue color border on it and has the attractive and special embroidery print  work on it. This lavish of Phulkari Dupatta you can use with any type of Punjabi suit or Salwar Kameez.

  1. Mix Rani and Blue Phulkari Dupatta in Cotton:

This is the Punjabi Patiala Suits With Phulkari Dupatta Designs 2016 which is made in pure cotton material. The smart thing is that it is a mixture of rani pink and blue so it can be worn with many different kinds of Punjabi suits.

You can visit our Phulkari Salwar Suit Collection  

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Create Your Style with Fashion Accessories

Experience the Touch of Fashion

Exclusive women accessories go well with stylish apparels. The fashion accessories for women are available exquisitely at Fashion in Punjab by newest price .Find your own style in one stop shop. Get the opulent ranges of trendy accessories with excellent offers. The extravagant collections provide you the designer trends like hand bags, jewelleries and other style statement in very affordable price. Celebrate your day by choosing the wide varieties of mesmerizing products. Get a unique look with the recipe of absolute fashion products suit your style.

Fashion In Punjab

Excellent Lifestyle Makes You Attractive

New accessories collections are the key attraction available in different quality and range. The high quality of the products provides you the best design. You can get different colours, sizes and shapes as suit to your dress. In every occasion you need to dress up differently. Therefore, indulge your senses through the brand new design available just for you. You must have some exclusive ornaments, scarf, shoes or some related women accessories in your wardrobe .Flaunt your look with light jewellery and outfit. Get the exotic look by the sumptuous fashion.

Fashion In Punjab

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Free online shopping is the best solution for all yours fashion needs. The trustworthy offers you can get from Punjab in Fashion, provides you the best quality, satisfaction guaranteed. Shop online hassle free and you can very easily avail he products by seeing the quotes mentioned online. Huge collections of ethnic wear, western wear or traditional jewelleries can easily found from this site. Get free shipping at your door step with unbelievable price. This powerful store house is basically very much concerned about women’s fashion. Jazz up your look with excellent stylish hand bags, shoes or western wear.

Blue Crystal Owl Pendant at Fashion In Punjab

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Heart Pendant Glowing in The Dark | Fashion In Punjab Love Hearts Cube Crystal Pendant | Fashion In Punjab

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Ascertain Your Fashion

Introduce your style with the fashion accessories. The most popular products are always updated weekly. You can avail the latest style with reasonable price. Get the best opportunity to choose the wonderful Accessories online and get inspired. Shop the best and bring the best within you. This can add value to your dressing and would make you confidence when you feel attractive inside. The fastest shipping and return policy can help you more to avail the offers. Visit the site now and indulge with the quality product of women accessories that has created only for you. This is verified and certified women collections. This will serve you the style and look. Get the new look with brand new collections.

Blue Women's Crystal Love Heart Drift Bottle Pendant | Fashion In Punjab  Apple Shaped Crystal Pendant | Fashion In Punjab

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Somebody who just can’t start their day without a cup of coffee in the sunrise?

Do you believe that coffee is the top thing that could have ensued to you? If the reply to these queries is a ‘yes’, then confident you must be conscious of the importance of owning ample coffee mugs. What you want is a coffee mug that will keep you all cheered up for the break of the day just the method your coffee will keep you active all day.

Love Coffee Mug

Nothing wakens me up healthier than a good cuppa in the morning. To some of us, dishes, mugs, glasses. they are just something to grasp our beverages; what matters is what we pour into them. If you are a regular coffee drinker, you can never have too several mugs.

A dull coffee mug is not going to stop you from getting your everyday surprise of caffeine, but it's much better to start each day fresh. The mugs presented in this post are not just real, though. Each one offers its own exclusive take on mug design. Some are a jiffy creative and funny while others are just basic pretty.

Fashion In Punjab

If you want to add a few more imaginative mugs to your collection, look no more because all of these cool, attractive, and fashionable designs are for sale right now! Buy one for home, another for your travel to work and another to keep at the office to get your day really happening right. Just make assured you keep it safe from those robs in accounting who are always looking to steal a fresh mug.

Joke around with a hilarious mug or feel the heartfelt quotation to motivate you, we have many designs to make assured you get what you justify. If you have never put much believed in it before, don’t you fear, it’s never too late. We offer you the extra to select from a wide variety of coffee mugs that can be a part of your morning power-up habitual.

Best Dad Ever <3

Dad earns an excessive gift from his child. So, make it a modified gift with our cool assortment of designs for dad. Shop today, White Coffee Mug says "Best Dad Ever" makes a great gift for Dad on Father's Day or on his Birthday.

Best Dad Ever - Fashion In Punjab Best Dad Ever - Fashion In Punjab

Don't grow you to it a trap!

Get the conversation with your coffee! This mug doesn’t allow you to leave the coffee and hold you In a trap to enjoy coffee continuously!!! 

Don't grow up it's Trap! Don't grow up it's Trap! 

Fuck that shit.

For the ones who are hate, who love to see things contrarily & like to have a view as strongly as their coffee "Looks like it's fuck this shit o'clock" mug. Makes a perfect gift for birthdays and office parties for your friends or colleagues!


Fuck That Shit  Fuck That Shit

Heart Print Coffee mug.

Express your partner love, how much you love them with this charming heart-shaped mug. Heart mugs fit closely together so you can share your deep drinks and warm moods with your adored.

Love Mug Love Mug

I don't have dreams I have goals!!

Explore the new depths of your mind while sipping Coffee from our top Ceramic Mug. Enjoy your coffee with your goals, what you want to achieve in your life.

I don't have Dreams! I have Goals! I don't have Dreams! I have Goals!

Mustache Coffee.

Enjoy smoothly masquerades behind a personality mustache while drinking your beloved tea or coffee. Discover your desired masculine look!


Thand Rakha Kaka Te Chaa Pee.

The coffee mug is for all Punjabi’s, it means cool your mind and enjoy the tea or coffee. So cool down Kaka and enjoy your tea.

Thand Rakh Kaka Te Chaa Pee!!! COFFEE MUG Thand Rakh Kaka Te Chaa Pee!!! COFFEE MUG 

Coffee vodka mug

For all you alcohol fans out there... this one is for you! This is a hand-written font of Vodka, Wine that’s been directed to the mug for toughness. There's a good chance this could be vodka feeling in coffee mug.


You can visit our complete Coffee time collection.  

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Phulkari - An Affluent Heritage of Punjab

Aee phulkari meri maa ne kadhi, iss noo ghut ghut japhiyan paawan

These are lines from a traditional Punjabi musical composition in which a woman is revering her Phulkari dupatta. The woman had to leave her parent’s house after getting espoused, and now she recollects her mother who has embroidered this dupatta for her wedding day.

Phulkari, a rural tradition of handmade embroidery, literally meaning "flower work", was perpetuated by the women of Punjab (North-west India & Pakistan) during the 19th century and till the beginning of the 20th century.

Some major types of Phulkari & Bagh


This phulkari from the north of Punjab, shared by Hindu and Sikh traditions and very appreciated by collectors is identified by its white khaddar called thirma, symbol of purity.

Darshan Dwar 

That can be translated as "the gate through which God can be seen", unlike other phulkari was not made for a person but for a temple as an offering to thank the gods after a wish had been fulfilled. For this reason, while a dowry could contain dozens of phulkari, darshan dwar has never been made in big quantities.


means " fifty-two " in Punjabi and refers to the mosaic of fifty-two different patterns which decorate this piece (the number of patterns can be at times more or less than 52). Bawan bagh (or phulkari) was in fact a display of samples used by professional embroiderers to show their skills and the patterns they could provide to their clients.

Sainchi Phulkari

Sainchi phulkari are figurative pieces narrating the life in the villages of south east Punjab. Local animals (goats, cows, elephants, big cats, scorpions, peacocks,...) are represented moving among wrestlers, farmers, weavers, etc.

Chope Phulkari

The bride's maternal grandmother (Nani) was starting chope's embroidery as soon as her granddaughter was born. Instead of the common darning stitch, she was using the Holbein stitch which has the specificity of creating the same design on both the sides of the khaddar.

This can be interpreted as the grandmother's wish to make her granddaughter equally happy in her life and after her death, on the two sides of her existence. Chope was made to wrap and dry the bride after the ritual bath she was having before her wedding, for this practical reason chope is bigger than other phulkari.


The sunflower, refers to the main pattern of this phulkari. From a technical point of view this type of phulkari is unique as it is the only one that mixes in comparable proportions Holbein stitch (used to make chope phulkari) and the regular darning stitch

Phulkari, Phulkari Suits, Fashion In Punjab

Please enjoy a wikipedia article about this art here: Or you visit our Phulkari Colletion

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Fashion In Punjab - Competition Entry

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Muktsari Kurta Pajama real Punjabi Fashion #FashionInPunjab

The traditional Punjabi kurta of the Punjab region is wide and falls to the knees and is cut straight. The modern version of the regional kurta is the Mukatsari kurta which originates from Muktsar in Punjab. This modern Punjabi kurta is famous for its slim fitting cuts and smart fit designs. It is very popular among young politicians.
Muktsari Kurta Pajama real Punjabi Fashion
Muktsari kurta pajama is the modern Punjabi version of the traditional kurta pajama outfit which is very popular in Punjab.kurta pajama and Kurta Salwar. Kurta shalwar is a chic eastern dress fashion for stylish guys and men. It is comfortable in wear and have elegant, charming, stylish, astonishing and alluring look. New Kurta Designs 2014 consists of kurtas and shalwar of different colour with black and white shalwars, which are very common in fashion and style in Punjab.Muktsari kurta pyjama is a comfortable casual wear that has become fashion statement for youth brigade of Chandigarh. Popularity of this style statement is attributed to the flexibility it offers for all occasions. It can be used as night dress, for casual and social gathering, religious occasions and the young men can even wear it to college.
Muktsari Kurta Pajama real Punjabi Fashion
The Muktsari kurta pajamma is the modern Punjabi version of the traditional kurta pajamma outfit which is very popular on the sub-continent. Muktsari kurta pajammas were initially worn by youngsters in the Muktsar area.However,they are now popular all over Punjab.The Muktsari kurtas are snug with lapels on..
Kurta pajama and Kurta Salwar. Kurta shalwar is a chic eastern dress fashion for stylish guys and men. It is comfortable in wear and have elegant,charming, stylish, astonishing and alluring look. 
kurta pajama and Kurta Salwar. Kurta shalwar is a chic eastern dress fashion for stylish guys and men. It is comfortable in wear and have elegant, charming, stylish, astonishing and alluring look. New Kurta Designs 2013 consists of kurtas and shalwar of different colour with black and white shalwars, which are very common in fashion and style in Pakistan.
Muktsari Kurta Pajama real Punjabi Fashion
these days Kurtas are worn with white or black shalwars depending on their colour. Men and guys of all ages wear kurtas and a lot of guy swears and men wears designers presented kurta with stylish shalwars also. There are a lot of kurta and shalwar shops in Pakistan. Mosly guys and men purchase kurtas off the rack; they can be stitched also as per the requirements of the wearer. Beautiful tissue silk embellished sherwani kurta pajama for boys. The kurta is embelissed with zari and sequins all over the front. There is a grey border along the neckline and down the front which enhances the look of the kurta. The pajama is black tissue silk and has a drawstring waistband. A perfect outfit for birthday, party, wedding or festival. Sizes available for boys aged new born and up.The traditional male attire for men in India consisted of the dhoti and an unstitched cloth draped around the shoulders extended to cover the upper body. As time went on, men in North India began to use the Mughal jamma as the upper garment, which eventually led to different versions of the kurta being developed, such as the Punjabi kurta, the Gujarati angarkha and the Rajasthani angarkha, both also termed ‘kurta’. A non region specific angarkha is also worn in various areas such as in Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand and Uttar Pradesh.
Beautiful tissue silk embellished sherwani kurta pajama for boys. The kurta is embelissed with zari and sequins all over the front. There is a grey border along the neckline and down the front which enhances the look of the kurta. The pajama is black tissue silk and has a drawstring waistband. A perfect outfit for birthday, party, wedding or festival. Sizes available for boys aged new born and up
Muktsari Kurta Pajama real Punjabi Fashion
Kurta shalwar or kurta pajama is the attire of Asian countries like India and Pakistan. This traditional costume is not only used as casual wear but on different occasions boys use this outfit like on wedding, eid etc. We have already posted stylish kurta designs for men and they were appreciated and liked by many people. Today we have come up with kids kurta designs 2014.We have collected very stylish,elegant and latest kurta designs for mens,womens and kids.Different types of kurtas are the part of our gallery like fancy kurtas for kids, casual kurtas for kids,men  and womens and embroidered kurtas for everyone as well.
Some kurtas are shown below with pajama while some are looking best with shalwar you can choose shalwar or pajama for your kids according to your kids or your taste. Fancy kurtas are designed for special occasions like wedding or religious festivals and usually fancy, shiny material is used in these kurtas you can also add uniqueness and style by neck embroidery on kurta as shown below in some kurtas. All the kids kurta designs 2014 are latest and stylish. If you are good at stiching then you can try these kids kurta designs at home. We can help you as well if you are intrested in buying these Muktsari kurtas.

You can visit : Traditional Punjabi Muktsari Kurta Pajama Custom Stitched for Men

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