Muktsari Style Kurta Punjama Real Fashion of Punjab

India is not only diverse in culture but with attires too. From North to South and East to West, every demographic has a unique traditional apparel, which is largely influenced by the climatic conditions. One such attire is the Punjabi style Kurta Pajama. As the name suggests, this attire originated and is very popular in Punjab region of India. It is a typical north Indian Dress that is adorned by men as well as women.

Muktsari style Kurta Pajama by Fashion In Punjab

The words Kurta and Pajama originated from Urdu and Hindi languages. During the British colonialization, these words spread to the rest parts of India. The Punjabi style Kurta Pajama consists of Kurta and Pajama. The Kurta is an upper garment while the Pajama is the lower one. Kurta is similar to a loose long shirt and Pajama are similar to a lightweight drawstring trouser. Basically, the Punjabi style refer to Muktsari Kurta Pajama. They are usually long kurta that generally drapes longer than knees. Additionally, the Punjabi style kurta and Pajama can also consist a small short jacket. Though you can wear this with almost any footwears but the traditional joothi suits the best. Besides, you can also try sandals, slippers or any flat sole footwears.

Muktsari Style Kurta Pajama y Fashion In Punjab

Unlike other traditional apparels, Muktsari Kurta Pajama has always been popular between fashion conscious men as well as old people. The present generation boys are very fond wearing it on special occasions and festivals. While, the old people in Punjab wear it on a regular basis. You will often find Indian guys posting selfies on social media with this suit.

Muktsari Kurta Pajama By Fashion In Punjab

This attire not only looks good but is equally comfortable. It is made up of cotton or soft fabrics and is ideal for daily usage. Even many people prefer it as a sleepwear. Though Muktsari Kurta Pajama generally comes in a plain single colour but the one designed for special occasions may contain embroidery. It is traditionally a loose fit attire but fashion crazy guys wear it in tight fit size. Perhaps, it is because they want to showcase their flexy muscles and athletic gymnastic body. Be it in any way, it enhances their appearance.

Muktsari Kurta Pajama by Fashion In Punjab

Muktsari Kurta Pajama gives a rich and semi-formal look. It has now integrated into the style statement for boys who want to stick with traditions and at the same time, they wish to be stylish as well. Even fashion designers have a craze for this attire, which is why they often come up with the latest collection of Punjabi style Kurta Pajama.

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