Traditional Punjabi Kurta Pajama – A Rage Among Young Men

Traditional Punjabi Kurta Pajama – A Rage Among Young Men

Punjabis are known for their unique style and magnetic personality. Men in Punjab are as particular about their look and attire as the women of this beautiful land. Kurta pajama is the go-to attire for the Punjabi men. The traditional Punjabi kurta pajama complements their robust physique just right. It has been a part of the fashion in Punjab since forever and remains irreplaceable.

Punjabi Kurta Pajama – Popular Across Generations


The young Punjabi men are always on the lookout to do something new. They are innovators and creators and have tried hands at almost every business. They make their own rules and don’t go by the set norms. However, if there is one thing that has remained intact over generations, it has been the Muktsari kurta pajama. It creates a distinctive style statement. This is the reason why it is popular even in the era of designer jeans, jackets and sweatshirts.

Unique Blend of Comfort and Style

Kurta pajama is popular Indian attire and is worn by men across India. The cuts and designs of this traditional attire, however, differ from region to region. While each of these is designed well none of them matches the elegance of the Muktsari kurta pajama. This traditional Punjabi kurta pajama is known for its straight cut that fits well and creates a flawless look. It includes a knee-length kurta which makes it a comfortable wear. It is actually a perfect amalgamation of comfort and style.

This is the reason why this traditional Punjabi ensemble has gradually gained popularity among people belonging to other regions as well. It is especially popular among young men. Young politicians are often seen wearing Muktsari kurta pajama during rallies and meetings. This traditional attire does not only render elegance but also exudes the essence of the Indian culture and connects them better with the general public.

Style it; Accessorize it – Keep it Stylish!


Muktsari kurta pajamas are available in numerous designs and colors and can be adorned on different occasions. They look as good on a casual outing as they do at a formal event. However, one must know which design and color to pick and how to accessorize it so that it looks apt as per the chosen occasion.

The look of this traditional style kurta pajama enhances manifolds when teamed with a pair of Punjabi jutti. To render a more formal look, it can be coupled with a Nehru jacket. It is a killer combination if the colors are coordinated well. A light bracelet adorned with this ensemble can complete the look for a formal event.

For a semi-formal look, Muktsari kurta with light neck embroidery is a good choice. This can be worn without the jacket and yet render a dapper look. This look is perfect for the festive season.

Plain light colored Muktsari kurta pajamas teamed with a pair of loafers can be worn for a casual day outing while dark colored ones look good for casual evening events. Spiked hair and leather strap watch can add to the overall look.

All in all, the traditional Punjabi kurta pajama has always been in vogue and is here to stay!

Here’s a little secret! Girls just adore men dressed in these traditional kurta pajamas! Need more reasons to add a few of these to your wardrobe?
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